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Technical Product Information | 2018-04
Toroidal Roller Bearings TORB
Longer rating life and operating life – higher technical and economic performance


Brochure | 2015-02
TORB Toroidal Roller Bearings
X-life proven to be better

Further Information

FAG TORB toroidal roller bearings in X-life quality – Premium-quality roller bearings with angular adjustment facility

Rolling and Plain Bearings

TORB Toroidal Roller Bearings

The FAG TORB toroidal roller bearing is a new rolling bearing type from Schaeffler. It is a single-row rolling bearing with long, slightly crowned rollers. As a non-locating bearing, it combines the self-alignment capabilities of a spherical roller bearing with the axial displacement of a cylindrical or needle roller bearing.

TORB bearings provide an ideal, reliable solution to the problem of locating/non-locating bearing supports. The axial displacement is compensated inside the toroidal roller bearing, so the frictional forces that occur are very small and therefore negligible.

TORB highlights
  • Very high radial load carrying capacity
  • Very high running accuracy (P5) throughout the entire range
  • Dimensional stability up to 200 ℃
  • High operational reliability
  • Long operating life
  • Compact design
  • Low-friction running
  • Compensation of large axial changes in length without constraining forces
  • Up to double the rating life of the bearing system
  • Can be used as a 1-to-1 replacement for spherical and cylindrical roller bearings
  • X-life quality

Extended rating life with TORB


Temperature-related linear expansion and misalignments mean that non-locating bearing designs are particularly important. Toroidal roller bearings are perfect as non-locating bearings here:

Using a TORB as the non-locating bearing when additional axial loads are present allows the rating life of the locating bearing and thus the entire bearing combination to be doubled in some cases.

Reduced overall operating costs (TCO) with TORB


The significantly longer rating life of a bearing system with TORB bearings compared to that of conventional solutions means that the overall operating costs (TCO) of the application can be greatly reduced:

  • Lower replacement part costs
  • Longer operating periods
  • Less frequent maintenance intervals and machine downtimes
  • Lower mounting and disposal costs
The locating SRB and non-locating TORB have two and four times the operating life their conventional counterparts.

X-life – premium quality for rolling bearings


X-life is the seal of quality for particularly high-performance products from the INA and FAG brands. They are characterized by a longer rating and operating life – the result of higher dynamic load ratings than those of current standard products.


FAG TORB toroidal roller bearings are manufactured in proven X-life quality and feature up to 15% higher load ratings than comparable products.

For more information about X-life and further products that are available in X-life quality, visit


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