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FAG SmartQB advances condition monitoring Schaeffler’s innovative new plug-and-play

2016-09-06 | Frenchs Forest

The SmartQB system can be installed and operated by any in-house electrician without additional knowledge of vibration technology. The automatically generated plain text messages on the 7-inch display are a genuine innovation on the condition monitoring market.

“The system’s installation and initial operation are also remarkably simple,” says Mr Ciechanowicz. “It can be installed and operated by any in-house electrician without additional knowledge of vibration technology. The touch display provides all the relevant information, ranging from assembly to recommended actions in case of a fault and the contact details of technical support.”

When starting the system for the first time, the customer selects one of the 16 languages and, if required, replaces the preset standard contact details of Schaeffler’s technical support with their details. After selecting the component on which the FAG SmartQB sensor is located (motor, pump, or fan), specifying whether the machine operates at constant or variable speed, and entering the individual name of the assembly, FAG SmartQB automatically selects the best measurement configuration. The system is immediately ready for the automatic learning mode.

Simple and easy to use

A total of six FAG SmartQB sensors can be located on a housing and allocated to individual assemblies as required. Further FAG SmartQB sensors can also be easily added using the display in the same way as during initial installation. After initial operation, the FAG SmartQB system displays relevant information, such as an operating hours counter, fault frequency, maximum values, average values, trend curves, and the alarm status of each individual FAG SmartQB sensor. In case of an alarm due to a change in vibration signals that cannot be attributed, FAG SmartQB makes a recommendation to maintenance personnel via the display to send the measurement data to Schaeffler’s technical support, for instance, for a more in-depth analysis.

FAG SmartQB is used in the cement, paper, and steel sectors, in water management as well as in mechanical and plant engineering. The system is currently being validated in various customer projects in these sectors.

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Publisher: Schaeffler Australia Pty Ltd
Country: Australia

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