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Hook and pin wrenches

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FAG Mounting Manager

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Hook and pin wrenches

These wrenches can be used for the mounting and dismounting of small bearings on shaft seats, adapter sleeves or withdrawal sleeves.


Hook wrenches
Hook wrenches LOCKNUT-HOOK can be used to dismount not only bearings but also withdrawal sleeves with the aid of extraction nuts. Hook wrenches are available in sizes suitable for locknuts KM0 to KM40, suitable for diameters from 16 mm to 245 mm.
Hook wrenches can also be ordered as a set. The set comprises ten hook wrenches of sizes KM0 to KM16 in a roll-up pouch and is suitable for diameters from 15 mm to 100 mm.


Jointed hook wrenches
The joint allows one hook wrench LOCKNUT-FLEXIHOOK to be used for mounting or dismounting locknuts of various sizes.
Jointed hook wrenches are available in sizes suitable for locknuts KM1 to KM36, suitable for diameters from 20 mm to 230 mm.


Jointed pin wrenches
The jointed pin wrench LOCKNUT-FLEXIPIN is hooked into radially arranged holes in the nut.
Jointed pin wrenches are available in sizes suitable for locknuts AM15 to AM90, suitable for diameters from 35 mm to 155 mm.


Jointed face wrenches
The jointed face wrench LOCKNUT-FACEPIN is hooked into axially arranged holes in the nut.
Jointed pin wrenches are available in sizes suitable for precision locknuts LPN017 to LPN170, suitable for diameters from 18 mm to 200 mm.


Double hook wrenches
Double hook wrenches LOCKNUT-DOUBLEHOOK are intended for the mounting of self-aligning ball bearings with a tapered bore. The individual wrenches are available as a set. The double hook wrench sets contain a torque wrench. This allows a precisely defined tightening torque to be achieved at the start of the mounting operation. Double hook wrench sets are suitable for several sizes of locknuts. There is one set each for locknuts KM5 to KM8 and for locknuts KM9 to KM13. All the parts in the scope of delivery are also available individually. Each double hook wrench is engraved with the torsion angles for the appropriate self-aligning ball bearings. The drive-up distance and reduction in radial internal clearance can therefore be precisely set.


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